Yours is the Strength


In a world of overflowing testosterone, two women find each other within the chaos.  One a witch who found out long ago what she was and one who has been weakened by the sun, the men surrounding her, but who has held on because of her music.  Ta’ prefers the life that does not have to do with contact with other people, but as she is doing some shopping she is pulled into a smelly bar where she finds a sister who has numbed herself with alcohol and drugs to continue her life.

A wonderful story about the strength of sisterhood, music, and the connection of their magic.  A world which is familiar and yet not so when one steps out of the chaos of the city and into the tranquility of the forest.
Author Bob Ritchie takes the reader on a journey of a different type of witch and the magic of friendship.  While Rebecca Treadway’s illustration on the cover is the very essence of the story inscribed within.  A wonderful journey to find the very thing that allows Re’nna survive the world which she has lived her entire life.  With the help of a sister witch who shudders at the thought of being stripped of her magic as Ta’ had happen to her.
There is a powerful underlying message to women and people in general, but I will allow you to read the story and find it out for yourself.  I would give away the story if I told you and what fun is that.
Editor: Stacey Turner
Illustrator: Rebecca Treadway
Publishing Date: February 11, 2012
Format: eBook

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