Schliemann Legacy


A Jew, Turk, and Greek head to Columbia on a Frenchman’s game to find a Nazi.  And while that may sound like a bad way to start a joke, that is exactly how the main plot of this story unfolds.  A treasure from ancient Greece was uncovered and 40 years later, after WWII, it is re-found in the hands of an ex-Nazi.

The character dynamics which unfold during this tale are interesting in a historical-cultural sense and, also, in the biological human. While not specifically a romance novel there is a quite the underlying of sex happening within the short 250 storyline. Some very perverse while others quite sensual.

A book not for the young, but an interesting read for those who are intrigued with a good treasure hunt. While there are some dropped plot hooks, the entirety of the book is enjoyable to read.

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