Rockapocalypse: Disharmony of Justice


Born with the small strangeness of gripping something foreign, Peter lives what many would deem to be a normal life… until he is 15 years old, then life gets… interesting. Thankfully he doesn’t go into it alone and has friends among him who battle the craziness that has taken over his small town. What happens that summer brings all of them closer together and leaves a lasting impression on each of them which carries them into their adult lives.

A story within a story the 15 year old friends tale is told through the memories of Peter who is laid up in bed in a coma. Each of the old friends know something is up and is brought back together in this dire time of need. Not only friends from that age, but friends who were not from that era, but still from that time when they were only 15 years old.

An interesting story with music, an orangoutang, spirits, and a few other off the wall dealings. You learn about each friend in the current time, but then also back in the 60’s. The description of the era and the people are very well done and the story flows very well even with the jumping of time periods.

The ending will take you for a spin as there are things you would not have guessed as you were going along. This is a piece that was easy and enjoyable to read. I highly recommend it to anyone.

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