The Bonds of Blood


Reviewing books can be a fantastic and trying thing to do at times. Especially when you have a split view on a book. There are books you fall in love with and it is an easy review to write and there are the ones you had to force yourself to finish or gave up on and those are also easy to review. But when it lands in the middle for one reason or another, the lack of an absolute makes it a tad bit more difficult.

I quite enjoyed the storyline of this book. The characters had quite a bit of depth and as the story progressed so did the lay of the land. However, the way the characters spoke and the way the story was told, I had issue with.

I had hoped it was just in the beginning of the book where it was rocky and the author was getting his feet under him, however, as the story continued I only saw a minor improvement. Instead of allowing us to learn about the world the story was taking place in the author used the voice of the story to tell us exactly what was going on. I felt like I was being told too much and not finding it out through the characters. And while a POV of almighty is fine, he also used the POV of the characters and I believe it could have been written a lot smoother if it had been told from their point of view the entire way.

Speaking of the characters, there was quite a bit of jumping between characters in the same passages that it would take me from what was happening. Instead of keeping with one character for a few pages, it seemed there were times that we heard from three or four characters on one page. I found it quite distracting.

As I said in the beginning of the review, I loved the storyline and I do plan on reading the next book of the Saga (the ending of this book definitely leaves you wanting to know what happens next). I just wish the book was written a little bit better to keep me better engaged.

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