Plagues of Eden


A wedding in a military church which ends with the groom getting in one plane and the bride in another. Throw in some ancient plagues, a lot of wine, and a lot of traveling. Shake and you have the works of a fantastic mystery story which will take you to Egypt, France, Italy, and some other amazing locations.

A wonderful and fast paced mystery that will keep you moving through the book very easily. While there may seem to be a ton of characters, they are very easy to distinguish after reading a bit further. There was an equal part fast pace mystery combined with a wonderful story about the different individuals and how they all interlinked together. The underlying story is as much fun to put together as trying to figure out the next clue in the story.

This was a fun read for me due to the fact of recently having 10 days of my own in Paris, France. While it is unnecessary for the book, it was wonderful to know exactly what was being looked at and knowing approximately how far it is to certain areas. Though, I recommend not driving in Paris, as was common in this book, as it is much easier to just take the metro train around. The knowledge about vineyards, grapes, and wines was a fun addition to read. I am definitely a novice when it comes to such things, but have recently begun to learn about the different grapes and about the different Cru in France.

All and all a wonderful book to read and it is a fairly quick read. Though difficult to put down if you are trying to read it in between doing other things. I hope you enjoy the story as much as I did and it was a pleasure to read and review this wonderful book.

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