Leonard: My Fifty-Year Friendship with a Remarkable Man


I grew up with Star Trek and of course Spock, the passing of Leonard Nimoy was felt strongly among all of those who enjoyed the series. To hear one of the other characters of Star Trek tell his story of knowing the great Spock, well it was too hard to pass up.

I listened to the audio version of this book which was told by William Shatner himself and that was a treat as well. The many things I did not know about Leonard Nimoy was astounding. I loved learning about his struggles along with his passions which never out in the open like his character was. The journey of becoming Spock and the consequences of becoming an icon was interesting to learn about.

There was so much to Leonard Nimoy’s life, some happy, some sad, but no one could say he did not live a long and fulfilling life. He truly will be missed by his fans and his friends and family for so long. He had a lasting place in all of our hearts.

The one thing I wish had been less in this book was the comparison to William Shatner’s life. I understand the wish to, but there were parts I was finding out more about his life than I was about Mr. Nimoy’s. All the same, the book was greatly enjoyable to listen to and I thank Mr. Shatner for producing it and allowing us a bit of a glimpse into his and Mr. Nimoy’s life.

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