We Could be Villains


Not your ordinary super hero story that is for sure. The story follows a citizen who is not phased by the Super Heroes in her city. She is a corporate monkey and knows it. This is a character a LOT of us can relate to and because of that we feel as if we can become this character.

I loved and hated this book. I give it a 3 to 4 star rating due to the beginning and end of the book. Once the true story starts to begin the world that is created is obviously a utopian world the author wishes could exist. There is no drama and there is no strife and while the author tries to explain this away by background checks and weeding out those who just do not fit in with the community, it feels forced. The ending feels just as forced. Everything has happened and it seems the author is not quite sure how to wrap things up, so he does a sort of cliff hanger which does not seem to fit with the rest of the story. It would work better as a plug for the next book rather than the last chapter of this book.

While saying all of that, I truly did love the storyline of the middle of the book. Once things start rolling it is easy to get sucked into the story. I really hope the next book leans more this way than the beginning and the end as it was enjoyable and I was left wanting more.

In short, if you are willing to force your way through the first few chapters it is worth it. The story gets going and it is truly a fun and original take on the super hero worlds.

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