Carrie Fisher: Shockaholic


Carrie Fisher, best known for her role as Princess Leia in the original Star Wars films, has been an advocate for mental health and very outspoken about what one with a mental illness goes through and what their family endures as well. She is able to do this because she had bipolar disorder and that is what this audiobook was all about. It was about her life and how she came to find out why she felt the way she did and what she did to try and help herself.

This is a darker part of Ms. Fisher’s life and for her fans who always put her in a positive light may find it hard to accept that their Princess wasn’t an innocent woman. Not that it should take away from looking up to her in anyway. But, if you do have issue with having a perfect little bubble about Carrie Fisher being popped, you may want to read my review on Carrie Fisher: The Princess Diarist as it was much lighter.

That being said, I absolutely loved the fact Carrie Fisher was the narrator of her own book. The emphasis she put on certain stories or even the laugh she threw in which may have been missed in her book made it all that much better. The stories she tells in this audiobook are some stories you would hear close friends tell each other and to be able to get a peek into her life was a great pleasure to receive.

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