Carrie Fisher: The Princess Diarist


I have greatly enjoyed getting to know the princess I looked up to as a young girl. And to be able to hear it from her own voice, granted an older voice than I remember, has been a great pleasure.

This audiobook had to do all with her experience on and off set of the Star Wars original movies. From the first audition which caught George Lucas’ attention to her experience at Comic Cons and her feelings behind those experiences.

There is a section in the audiobook, and I am assuming in the regular book as well, where there are excerpts or possibly full sections of the diary which she kept while she was on Star Wars. She found it while cleaning and decided she wanted to share them with us due to her finding them to be oddly written, even to her. In the audiobook another person reads those sections and the voice is very reminiscent to the Princess Leia most of us remember.

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