Dungeon Born


This was one of those books which my husband thought I would enjoy reading, but when I first started it I wasn’t so sure. The beginning of the book is very slow, though what is happening is a slow process, but it is hard to get hooked into something so slow. I was about to give up on it when it started to pick up pace.

If you have ever played DnD or played games in which you did a “dungeon crawl” then you will probably find the majority of this book interesting. The point of view is not of the adventurers, though there is one which we do see quite a bit of, but that of the dungeon itself. Ever wondered why there were monsters in some dungeons and why the levels were so different? Probably not, but think of it as if you were actually a part of the world and it wasn’t a game, that is what this book shows you.

There is another book either coming out or out (I would have to check) and I am actually kind of curious about it now. So give the book a try and remember that yes the first part is super slow, but it does pick up and become more entertaining.

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