The Rite of Wands


Where to start with this book. The storytelling in it is very well done. The author has multiple characters she goes between through the story, but it is never unclear as to who is talking. The one thing I did have trouble with is the timetable. She does put the dates at the beginning of the sections, but without looking back to what the date was previous, it is a bit difficult to tell right off. It would be easier if, in some way, she referenced that it was 30 years later or something. I believe she did it once and it was much appreciated.

The story was a bit darker than I thought it was going to be, towards the end, but it left me hungry for the second book. There was a small short story at the very end which talked about a character you did not learn much about their backstory and it was always kept a secret. So, it was nice to have that at least fill you in a bit.

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