Super Powereds: Year 4


Drew Hayes is one of those wonderful authors who makes you hate to leavea  world. He built a world over a four year time for the characters and then went and made me fall in love with them. For every time I questioned what was going to happen and then surprised by what actually did happen. The series is almost a Harry Potter for super heroes sort of story, but without the single villian to hate.

In the fourth book the students are in their final year and while there are more than there would be due to things which happened at the end of the third book the numbers quickly dwindle. We watch as some of our favorite characters decide being a hero is just not what they are cut out to be, which is a very hard thing to come to grips with since they have gone three hard and brutal years to prove themselves. Also storylines which have been dancing on the outskirts of the main story are brought into the fold and you learn more about each student than you have so far.

All and all… I hate that the story arc has ended. I can only hope that we see some of the characters again. Drew Hayes has already said that he will not be putting the world on the shelf, but that he won’t be writing from these characters perspective anymore. I cannot wait!

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